Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Off to Edinburgh

Today (July 22) we headed off to Edinburgh. We left at 9:00, so I was actually able to stay awake for most of the bus ride. I was dreading the 9 hour bus ride though to my surprise and delight we had the luxury double-Decker bus with reclining seats, footrests and a DVD screen, ahhh! The countryside became more picturesque the further north we went. I had initially regretted not sitting on the top until I ventured up during a rest stop. For some reason I felt a little dizzy every time I looked out the windows from the upper level so I stayed below the whole trip reclining comfortably in my luxury seat. We stopped a few times and to my dismay I broke down and had to have some junk food. I had a KFC kid's meal. Instead of the toy, they offered an extra piece of chicken or extra chips, I took the chicken of course. The toy would have been a great souvenir though, but my stomach made the final call. I actually saved the extra piece for a snack on the bus.

We arrived at the university around 6:00 in the evening. It is a very nice campus and the view of course was lovely. The university is situated next to a mountain or large hill (it would be considered a mountain in Oklahoma) that is apparently referred to as Arthur's Seat. It is a popular hiking spot if you like that sort of thing. A couple from our group ventured up the slopes. I don't think anyone made it to the top, but kudos for trying!!

Edinburgh Castle

We each had our own rooms but had to share a bathroom. The Halls are the main dorms for the University and also functions as a sort of youth hostel during the break periods so needless to say there was no shortage of loud and rambunctious youth running up and down and around the halls at all hours. : (. No sleep for the wicked.

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