Saturday, 4 August 2007

Guildhall Library August 3

Photo courtesy the Corporation of London

Our final class visit on Friday August 3 was to the Guildhall Library. The Guildhall is also part of the City of London libraries. It is however a reference library dedicated mostly to the history of the city of London. It is the oldest public library in England founded in 1425 by the bequest of Richard Whittington. The library provides free research assistance if it is not too involved for example lasting less than 20 minutes. However, if someone wants further assistance for example to research family history the library will provide it for a fee of 50 pounds per hour.

My thoughts

It was a nice ending to the program. One thing the library has that I found most impressive is the "Collage" database that provides access to graphic works that can be ordered over the Internet. The database can be searched by place names, artists, or themes. On site is also a very good bookstore. Due to limited luggage space though, I was forced to only look and not buy.

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